3 yoga asanas to improve sexual pleasure

The Tantra yoga He was born in India more than 5 thousand years ago and is a discipline that develops different healing techniques to balance the mind, body and sexual potency.

It consists of a series of postures (asanas), dance, meditation and massage that among its benefits are: greater energy, the expansion of consciousness, the increase of creativity, the cancellation of stress and bad mood and the valuation of the body.


Asanas to optimize sex

1. Flex your body to stimulate libido

Sit on the floor, open and stretch your legs, stuck to the ground, as much as you can, but without pulling the inner muscles of the thigh. Keep your knees pointing to the ceiling and your feet flexed, bend from the hip and lower your chest as much as possible. Hold for about thirty seconds. In the same position take the toes with your hands or put your forearms to the ground. Inhale and lower your head to the floor, exhale and raise your head without letting go of your feet. Continue one to three minutes. This movement will activate the energy of your body and awaken desire. In addition, it helps strengthen the thighs and makes blood flow better throughout the pelvic region.

2. The inverted triangle, more elasticity

Standing, separate the legs, well stretched, and place the arms in a cross. Slowly tilt the trunk towards the left leg and place the face as close as possible to the knee. The right hand grasps the left heel or ankle. After holding the posture for about 30 seconds, execute the exercise on the right leg. Thus, not only is it supplied with abundant blood to the brain, improving its functioning, but it also vigorously stretches all the posterior muscles of the body, which will allow you to give variety to your sexual life, since you can perform certain positions without ending up with a injury.

3. The shoemaker, releases sexual energy

Sit, the soles of your feet together and your knees facing the floor. Pull your feet as close as you can inwards, lower your knees until they are as close as possible to the ground, without forcing muscles . Keep your back straight and hold for about 30 seconds. This basic yoga pose returns energy to tired legs and stimulates blood circulation and heart function. In addition, by opening the hips it is possible to release the accumulated sexual energy and awaken the function of the sexual organs.

Follow these recommendations from the experts, who explain that by practicing the asnas one hour a day, sex will be transformed into creative energy.

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