If you have an important date with someone special or want to look "perfect" with that dress for a big party, do not suffer anymore! There are steps you can take to reduce sizes in Little time and in a way safe . We list three of them.

1. Less Sizes Program in 10 days. Through this plan, specialists from GetQoralHealth They explain that in order to start reducing sizes in a short time and in a safe way, the key is to modify your habits and not be in constant diets. Remember that there are no magic products; You need commitment and discipline.

2. Use the network. A study published in the magazine International Journal of Obesity says that people who undergo weight loss programs with Internet tools and the advice of a nutritionist lose about a kilo more compared to those who do not resort to the web. The researchers add that online plans are effective when they help people make changes in their lifestyle.

3. While you watch your favorite show. An excellent way to take advantage of weather and activate is while you see the TV . Experts recommend making some squats , ABS or skip the rope during the commercial .

Mayo Clinic calculate that with this activity you get to burn up to 730 calories if you make a routine 60 minutes and your weight is 72 kg.

National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute indicates that the objective of to lose sizes It's successful when you integrate inside your activities everyday periods shorts of, at least, 10 minutes of some physical activity , as well as maintain a diet low in calories .

This plan should not be followed by pregnant women or if you suffer from any heart disease. Prepare for the challenge !

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