3 tips to sleep well

How wonderful when the alarm goes off and you wake up fresh, vital and happy, wanting to start the day. On the other hand, the days that you do not sleep well, it seems that the world is against you. Sleep well it not only has benefits for us; also for others: did you know that it makes us less selfish?

It has been discovered by a study by the University of California that explains that rest affects our relationships with others and our feeling of gratitude .

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The people who participated had to "stand up" and then list five things that made them feel grateful .

The result? Those who had slept well, showed their gratitude, while those who had not enjoyed a good rest, expressed the opposite and also felt less safe with their partners.

 “Lack of sleep makes us more selfish and makes us prioritize our needs over those of our partner . It affects the way we interact with other people and our ability to give thanks, a fundamental emotion in our social relationships, "explains the study's author, Amie Gordon.

And is that sleeping well has many benefits for our health : brain and body rest and recover, our memory and learning ability does not suffer, the immune system regenerates and we are undoubtedly in a better mood. Can you think of a better reason?


3 tips to sleep well

Is it hard for you to fall asleep or do you not rest well? Try these tips!


  1. make exercise during the day, but never just before going to bed. You will come to bed tired and you will sleep like a baby.
  2. Establish a routine . It is good to go to bed and stop at the same time. Thus the body becomes accustomed and knows when is the moment of each thing.
  3. Nothing of technology . Keep your cell phone, tablet or computer away from the bed.

Sweet dreams!


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