3 tips to seduce with the look

Body language is undoubtedly one of the best tools women have for seduce ; in a special way, the look . In general, gestures can be very helpful in creating emotional connections with other people, as well as an infallible method for seduce .

Therefore, according to lenguacorporal.org, we present some tips for seduce with your look and make of that moment, something unforgettable!

1. Squint your eyes . For seduce with your look and that is loaded with sensuality , you just have to narrow your eyes a little: tense your lower eyelids (the so-called preseptal muscles) until they get up a little. One way to practice it is to stand in front of the mirror and concentrate on "covering" the white of the eye, just below the iris, with your eyelid.

2. Hypnotic look . Another effective way to seduce is to make your look A little more hypnotic: Try blinking "conscientiously", and then just a little more slowly than usual. This way you look It will transmit peace and serenity to your interlocutor, as well as helping to lubricate your eyes better, making them brighter. Do you remember the look of Shrek's kitten?

3. Hold and withdraw your gaze. Do it for 8 to 10 seconds, so that the gesture is really effective. This way you will be transmitting that you are daring. The brain requires that lapse of time to interpret a gestural message clearly. Then, once the intention and message to seduce is declared, withdraw your look; in this way you sow curiosity, attraction and desire .

Remember that one look direct is capable of causing very magnetic erogenous reactions in the recipient: accelerate your heart rate and brain activity, two decisive factors in the sexual excitement, so take advantage of this great weapon to seduce .

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