3 tips to reduce your waist

According to the book Women's Heatlh Diet, there are countless tips to have a healthy, beautiful and slender body. We give you an advance to achieve a smaller waist. Take note:

1. Eat early . If you skip breakfast, you metabolism it slows down Health experts recommend that 30 to 35% of your daily calories be in the morning

2. Drink smartly . In general it is known that people ingest an average of 450 calories through liquids. If you reduce that amount by half, by making better decisions about the liquids you consume, you will reduce the excess Abdominal fat

3. Yes to fruits and vegetables . Both will keep you satisfied longer. For example, green leafy vegetables contain large amounts of folate , which helps lose up to 8 times more weight

Remember that the key is to learn to select what you eat, give variety to your food and practice daily, at least 30 minutes, exercise .

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