3 tips for a summer without back pain

Summer is back and there is nothing more fun than leaving the city and enjoying the sun. Surely walking on the beach or just around our neighborhood will be a liberating experience. But wait, why not stretch those muscles and start doing outdoor activities such as mountain biking, swimming or climbing? What stops you from fully enjoying the summer? Back pain? Here we give you some tips to take care of it.

1. Cold or Heat

Back pain is caused by a lumbar disc or by the facet joints (or interapofisiary joints). But what makes the pain persist are muscle spasms. To start relieving back pain you should release the spasm using ice, warm fomentations or the combination of the two. If you prefer to use ice, you can use frozen peas instead of ice cubes, since the peas do not melt so easily. If you prefer to use hot fomentations, boil water in a bottle and wrap it in a towel or use a towel previously submerged in hot water. With the method you have chosen, slowly rub your back in small movements that go from top to bottom. If this does not temporarily relieve your back pain you can take a hot bath.

2. Herbal creams and balms

Have you heard about the wintergreen oil, olbas, Zheng Gu Shui or the tiger balm? If your answer is yes, you may be aware that herbal products are extremely effective in curing back pain. How? When you apply any of them on your back you can even feel it penetrate the muscle tissue, experiencing pain and tension due to relief. It works best when it is later in a place with humid heat.

3. Medications

If you are too lazy to use heat, ice or herbal stimulation then it can be relieved by medications such as muscle relaxants, or analgesics. Either way, you should consider before the regular use of such medications can create addiction, so just take them for short periods of time or if your doctor indicates it.

Now you are more than ready to enjoy the summer and stretch those muscles without the worry of back pain.

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