3 negative effects of love

"Love is blind and is accompanied by madness." For the expert Helen Fisher This state of dementia is produced by levels of dopamine and norepinephrine that increase in infatuation and that make us experience a happiness Absolute

According to Fisher, the key to falling in love is found in time and cultural elements. You have to be ready to be able to feel in that moment, and also tell the experiences of childhood.

As we grow we develop an unconscious profile of what we are going to look for based on the experience of our parents, the school, our friends. And when you are at the right time and you find the person who fits in that profile, the brain circuits can be put into operation and triggered. chemical reactions.

3 negative effects of love

Although it is an experience that most feel at some point in their lives, the love It does not always have positive effects. Here we tell you three of them.

1. Love has a price . In other words, it costs the loss of two close friends, as revealed by a study of the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom . This happens because the focus is on the romantic couple, to whom they dedicate more time, allowing others relations begin to deteriorate.

2. Prevent your work. A study published in the magazine Motivation and Emotion notes that passionate love is exciting, so much that it can affect a person's ability to concentrate and perform tasks that require attention.

3. It generates addiction. The researcher Lucy Brown, professor of neuroscience at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York , discovered that when looking at the photo of the beloved, both the neurons of the caudate nucleus and those of the ventral tegmentum, two cerebral areas linked to pleasure, were activated. Both areas are filled with dopamine, which generates a reaction like that produced by a drug. This can cause people to become addicted to falling in love.

Love, beyond its negative effects, has aspects that benefit health among them is that it reduces pain. Do you dare to live this experience?

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