3 keys to burn more calories

The American Association of Sports Medicine , gives you the following tips to have better life habits and achieve an effective burning of your energy expenditure :

1. The human being burns a calorie per kilo of weight per trotted kilometer; 0.3 calories per kilometer pedaled and 0.5 per kilometer walked. That is, it is more advisable that you stop eating products rich in grease Y calories to run 3 kilometers

2. Exercise does not reduce the obesity , it is necessary to combine it with a diet and changes in eating behavior. The main effect of exercise is to help maintain the body weight and reduce the risk of diabetes

The best way to avoid having cardiovascular diseases is to eat salads and fresh fruits daily. Exercise is a great ally and complement, but the root of everything is what you eat in your day to day.

3. Any product that is consumed and not burned is stored in the body in the form of grease . Ideally, burn more calories of which you ingest, for this you require a food plan according to your Body Mass Index (IMC)

The IMC ideal for anyone should be between 18 and 24.9 points. If you are above those standards, you already have a weight problem. In this regard, the nutritionist Luis Prieto He said: "It is also important to know the waist-hip ratio and body fat that in men should not be greater than 20% and in women 15%."

In Mexico 60% of people live with overweight ; 30% have obesity and only 10% are in their normal weight or they are very thin.

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