3 keys to be lovers and parents

When a partner decide to have a son , they must be prepared for a series of drastic changes in their relationship , so they must adapt to new situations, and the most frequent thing is to leave the sexual activity in background.

As soon as the newborn, Attention is drawn to this one, especially parents beginners, which absorbs their time and, therefore, their function as lovers .

Therefore, it is necessary that both reaffirm their link emotional and privacy , even though it must be on par with its obligations as parents . In this sense, we give you a series of keys so that your Relationship survive:

1. Look for help to take care of the baby. Before six weeks they should have a appointment and perform activities like partner . Family and friends can lend a hand. Even, if possible, spend a night alone without feeling guilty. They will realize that nothing is happening and renew their enthusiasm.

2. In case of cesarean delivery Once the time of convalescence has elapsed, it is best to resume your sex life . At the beginning the most convenient is the use of lubricants and vaginal gel , because there is an episode of vaginal dryness in women due to hormonal changes and fear of penetration .

3. Caresses. The sexuality it is a privileged way of communication that has multiple ways of expression, and in this period you can explore alternatives to sexual act . In addition, in their meeting should not always prevail a mood of excitement for orgasmic purposes. The petting in hands, arms, back, head or in areas considered not Erogenous , they are extremely pleasant and favor a climate of affection and affection in this moment in which the partner You may be more vulnerable.

It is in this way that both must be considered again in a stage of training partner , to be known through the paternity Y maternity , as well as achieving a new way of sexuality .

It is worth trying, they are still two like-minded people but now with greater complicity, and what better way than to take a moment to reactivate the sex .

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