3 benefits of crying

The tears They help clean the eyes every time we blink, they keep our eyes moist and they keep a view healthy; however, the power of these salty drops goes beyond the body's natural reactions.

When a person cries expresses his vulnerability and connection with others, because there are multiple reasons to do so. Sometimes, they spill tears of pain, sadness, loss, anger, frustration or grief; but at other times they appear for joy, emotion, love, inspiration, hope and kindness.

According to a recent study, 88.8% of people experience a feeling of break after crying, while 8.4% feel worse, because they feel fear , resistance or judgment on the action. For this reason, GetQoralHealth explains the benefits of tears in the human body:

  1. Improve physical and emotional health : Cleanse the toxins from the body, stimulate a feeling of well-being, lift the mood and help deal with painful situations.
  2. Reduce stress : Emotional tears contain higher levels of corticotropin, a chemical related to levels of nervous tension, that is, crying frees the body of these toxins that generate diseases.
  3. Create fraternal union : Indicate a need for help from others, so it is important to express support, either with a hug, a reassuring hand or a kiss.

In short, tears break the emotional and mental barriers of a person. However, excessive crying may be due to an underlying emotional problem or to wanting to manipulate others. That is why it is important to express our emotions in a real way. Cheer up and let the tears flow!

Video Medicine: The health benefits of crying (June 2022).