3 aspects for which school failure is presented

Many times your children can experience the failure without you noticing and instead of helping them to guide and overcome them, you only dedicate yourself to scolding them or demanding more of what they can do, but what is school failure?

When you talk about failure it's because you do not reach a goal or objective, and in the school setting is presented when depending on the programs and the level of learning , the student does not achieve the established goal, points out Carlos Ávila, Amco pedagogical consultant .

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In an interview for GetQoralHealth , the specialist details that from the positive and natural point of view of learning, in the process they register mistakes and situations where students do not reach certain goals.


3 aspects for which school failure is presented

There are different aspects that favor the development of school failure, if not attended or neglected.


  1. Different intelligences The failure it must be approached in a positive way because there are different rhythms and learning styles, inclination in multiple intelligences. Therefore, children have a different process that must be valued and respected for healthy development of children.
  2. Standardized system When learning systems are rigidly structured, where all children are treated in the same way, it is more common for the failure school.
  3. Different capacities. Some children with special auditory, visual, psychomotor or thought process abilities that turn their own process into a special and different situation when compared to other children.

To address the failure It should be understood that in the learning process it is natural to make mistakes, because they do not have the same rhythms or needs.

Therefore, it is necessary to address emotional intelligence and learning style, so that the child feels an environment of security and confidence, and is not afraid of making mistakes, on the contrary, has the strength to overcome the challenges of learning.

When children experience failure school should be analyzed to parents, their form of accompaniment, their vision, expectations and demands. Many times they project their own schooling experience in their children and expect to realize themselves through the success of their children.

Therefore, it is important that parents project a respect to the person who is their child, which has different characteristics and interests and that it is necessary to know, says the specialist.

The home is the main place where the emotional intelligences of the little ones, because otherwise there will only be a climate of stress when the time to review the ballots approaches. And you, do you respect your children?

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