1cm breast tumor reflects 7 years of existence

The self-exploration of the breasts is essential to save the lives of millions of women because of breast cancer . In an interview for GetQoralHealth , the doctor Rogelio Martínez Macías , president of the Mexican Society of Oncology (SMO), clarifies that when women come to detect a bulge in one of their breasts, it is because it has more than 6 years of life:

"A tumor of a centimeter would look like a small tumor, but it is not, because when it has this thickness, it means that it has been there for 6 or 7 years. The important thing is for women to touch each other, to find it before it reaches an inch; You have to be alert to any inflammation or bulge. "

The headline of the SMO, clarifies that although in several cases, the disease can be reversed, the fact that a tumor is one centimeter implies that the Cancer It is in a semi advanced stage:

"You have to remember that the breast cancer it occupies the first place of mortality in cancers for women; represents 15% of deaths, followed by cervical cancer ”.

Martínez Macías, clarifies that in addition to self-exploration, it is recommended that women, after age 40, perform an annual mammography and "always" try to carry a diet rich in vegetables, fruits; reduced in fats and carbohydrates:

"I advise my patients to eliminate the consumption of pork due to the toxins it contains and to limit their intake of all products derived from dairy products. The consumption of fiber, raw vegetables and seasonal fruits are an excellent option. "

If to this, the doctor oncologist needs, you add a positive attitude and a moderate practice, but constant exercise, the possibilities of developing breast cancer they diminish and if you already have it, your quality of life improves drastically with this exercise. For more information visit: www.smo.org.mx

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