13 tips to reduce flatulence

The flatulence are generated in the intestine when the food is digested and gives the sensation of inflamed belly , which can be quite annoying for the person. Occasionally, it occurs abdominal pain by the accumulation of gases.

The causes of its appearance are several, including: excessive air that is swallowed by eating, foods rich in fiber or that are difficult to to digest ; as well as food that the person does not tolerate or is allergic, for example to the lactose . If you consume products dairy products the likelihood of suffering will be greatly increased gases .

Two of the main causes are the intake of copious dinners and for not respecting the breaks of the digestion . Therefore, we give you some tips to avoid this Stomach ache :

1. Chew Slowly feed and do not swallow disproportionately. 2. Relax before and during the meal. 3. Avoid situations of stress . 4. Walk Quietly 10 to 15 minutes after the meal. 5. Avoid carbonated drinks. 6. Avoid excessive intake of beans, cabbage, Swiss chard, onions and beans. 7. Avoid drinking too much coffee.

8. Preferably eat boiled or roasted fish. 9. Avoid fried foods and junk food. 10. Drinking mint or chamomile tea after meals. 11. Avoid drinking with straws or straws. 12. Do not wear tight-fitting garments that press on the belly. 13. If you nap nap, it is advisable half an hour or an hour later.

Remember that if this problem occurs very frequently, it is necessary to go to the doctor, especially when accompanied by abdominal or rectal pain , weightloss, acidity , sickness , threw up , diarrhea or constipation ; as well as defecate bloody stools or oily consistency.

The best remedy will be to maintain healthy eating habits, eat in moderation and perform physical activity everyday.

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