12 signs of workplace harassment

Together with discrimination salary and harassment, the Workplace Harassment it's another way of violence that occurs with great frequency in organizations. In Mexico 1.4 million women suffer bullying at work, according to estimates of the Law School.

According to the type of conduct , you can detect various ways of bullying , including mobbing, hostigamiento mild and verbal, non-verbal, verbal, serious, verbal with physical contact and physical harassment ( consummation of sexual act under pressure).

The fear of the victim to lose the job, to retaliate against it or suffer more bullying , if possible, are the main reasons why the harassed he does not dare to denounce.

Therefore, in an interview with GetQoralHealth , the regional coordinator of IMMUJERES , María de Lourdes Montes de Oca , explains some of the emotional consequences suffered by victims of this type ofviolence :

For his part, Heinz Leyman, specialist in the field, highlighted the following points with which you can detect those people or situations of Workplace Harassment :

1. There is no communication with the victim . 2. There are interruptions when the victim speaks. 3. You are not asked for an opinion and you are not allowed to express yourself. 4. You are not asked, you are required. 5. The stalker insults the victim . 6. Suffer threats written or verbal. 7. The presence of the harassed . 8. You are overburdened with work and unrealizable deadlines are required for this. 9. There is a physical alienation of the victim . 10. The victim suffer discrimination at work level compared to the rest of his colleagues. 11. He is ridiculed for his work, personal life, sex or race. 12. You are not assigned jobs according to your ability, experience or work range.

This is a phenomenon that is presented every day; However, what you have to think about is that it is better to look for new working horizons, even if it produces a sensation of economic instability, rather than having to endure humiliation at work for no reason whatsoever.

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