11 celebrities you did not know were gay or lesbian (PHOTOS)

Fear of rejection by people around them, jokes or jokes that are intended to offend and sometimes physical aggression towards homosexuals make many men and women afraid to publicly express their sexual orientation.

Beyond whether it is fashion or part of a social change, the truth is that today there is greater freedom with regard to the issue of social preferences; example: are these celebrities you did not know are gay , but who have now surprised with the revelation.


Sexual orientation is an emotional, romantic, sexual and emotional attraction that can not be chosen. That is, a human being does not choose to be gay or heterosexual, because this is an aspect that arises at the beginning of adolescence and without prior sexual experience, "says the American Psychological Association.

Today we share the cases of thesecelebrities you did not know are gay because they are examples of brave men and women who decided to face their fears, what they will say and today live in peace with themselves and happy because they no longer have to hide their sexual preferences. Know them!

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