11 benefits of being a vegetarian

In accordance with The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, there are various benefits to physical and emotional health, being vegetarians . Here we present 12 positive aspects of this lifestyle, in which only vegetables, dairy products, fruits and occasionally fish are consumed:

1. Your life expectancy increases up to 15 years

2. Your blood levels are normalized

3. Decrease thebad cholesterol of your blood

4. It is auxiliary to prevent infertility

5. Reduces the chances of suffering a heart attack

6. Strengthen your innunological system

7. They make you less likely to develop colon cancer

8. Reduces the possibility of having diabetes

9. Strengthen your bones and muscles

10. Vegetarian people are at or below their weight (within healthy parameters), so there is no overweight Y obesity

11. This dietary change is very helpful for patients who live with arteriosclerosis

Remember that before making any change in your eating habits, it is recommended that you go with a nutritionist and know what the disciplines you want to start with.

Video Medicine: Pros and Cons of Becoming a VEGETARIAN (August 2020).