10 tricks to refine your silhouette

Do you want to shape your body and shape your silhouette? Your clothes are the key to achieve it, because with it you can tune your waist and stylize your legs. So that you learn how to dress to look thinner, GetQoralHealth gives you the following tips

1.- Balance proportions: According to information published in The Huffington Post , there should be a proportion between your shoulders, hips and waist, so avoid baggy, wide and shapeless clothing.

2.- Horizontal stripes: To look thinner you should avoid garments with this pattern, because they create volume and an expansive effect.

3.- Correct posture: This is one of the keys to shape your silhouette. Place your shoulders back, keep your back straight and contract your abdomen even when you are sitting, standing or lying down.

4.- Sexy hip: If you have a wide hip, the clothes that will make you look thin are skirts or dresses with cut A. Forget about the pleats or planks. You can also use the pants with straight cut, that is, those that have the same width in knee and hem.

5.- Ideal shoes: It is recommended that women with wide and short legs avoid using those that have ankle bracelet, because they shorten the legs. Choose those with a round or elongated tip.

6.- Goodbye stamped: Clothes that have flowers or even large accessories create more volume. Choker necklaces broaden and shorten your neck, the same effect that causes turtle neck or mao.

7.- Right bra: This lingerie must be worn in the appropriate size to avoid back and shoulder injuries. Also, your breasts will look firm. Measure yourself every six months to confirm your back and cup size.

8.- Long legs : Meshes with shoes of the same color will make your legs look turned and longer.

9.- Lengthen the torso: If you wear mao or turtle necks, complement your image with long necklaces or a V-neck vest.

10.- More tricks: In the next video, a fashion expert tells you how to dress to look slimmer:

By following these tips you will outline your silhouette and improve your self-esteem. Accept yourself as you are and only seek to improve in certain aspects without changing your personality.And you, in what part of your body would you focus to look thinner? If you want to know more about how to see yourself slimmer visit: Sharpen your silhouette

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