10 tips vs fatigue and stress

At present people are immersed in an environment of constant change and pressure. Difficulties such as lack of employment, downsizing or Emotional problems and financial, generate in the individual a situation of uncertainty and anxiety that can lead to a state of stress and fatigue.

Stress is a physiological response to an unforeseen situation that goes out of control, and when this happens the body can react negatively: fatigue, muscle contractures and alterations in the nervous system.

Considered as lack of energy or motivation, fatigue generates in the person a state of apathy, which, not only hinders the realization of projects, but also hinders the social interaction of the affected individual.

An investigation carried out by the firm Grant Thornton International Business Report notes that Mexico is in seventh place worldwide in work stress.

The reality is that emotional and work problems will always be present in everyday life, so it is important not to fall into a chronic stress and fatigue; to achieve this there are actions such as exercise, reading and relaxation that can help you.

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