10 tips to take care of your mind

Fashion, tendency or consciousness, the current is to lead a healthier life; however, most of us focus only on a physical aspect, leaving aside the importance of maintaining a healthy mind .

The body is an instrument that allows us to perform work activities and interact with our outside, but it is the mind that allows us a soul balance and, therefore, a happy life.

For this reason, it is important to seek a healthy mind, same that is free of anxiety, stress ... and any agent that may cause harm. The specialist Ana Frank García , of the Neurology Service of the University Hospital of La Paz , through a publication of the laboratories Pfizer offers us 10 tips that will help us keep our minds healthy.

1. Mental gymnastics Regardless of the work you do, at home or outside, and regardless of your age or your level of schooling, try to keep your mind awake, do not let yourself numb, this will help counteract the effects of aging.

2. Physical exercise. Make regular physical activity: running, dancing, swimming or walking. Not only will it allow you to prevent obesity, but you can also maintain a healthy mind.

3. Social activity. Be interested in the things that happen around you. Find friendships, talk with your neighbor, dare to organize a party, attend conferences and shows, laugh.

4. Find your own company and deal with stress.

5. Banish harmful habits. Tobacco, alcohol, drugs, drug abuse, sedentary lifestyle, etc. they are enemies, not only of our body, but also of our mind.

6. Adequate food. Diet is a source of both health and disease depending on which ingredients make it up. A balanced diet will always be a good option.

7. Control risk factors. Blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose are three major enemies for physical and mental deterioration

8. Pretend to eliminate a problem by ignoring it, not facing it, not solving it, aggravating it. If you feel that your mind does not react the same, do not ignore it, try to confront it and go to a specialist.

9. Choose good health professionals to trust . They are key elements in health, since they will help you detect if you have a problem and how to prevent more serious damage.

10. Meditation. It is a good option to relax and avoid stress and maintain a healthy mind.

A physical and mental health is important for a general well-being. Not only have a beautiful body is the key to happiness, also a mind in conditions will allow us to acquire happiness. Take care of your mind and body!

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