10 tips to not gain weight on Valentine's Day

On February 14, the streets of Mexico City and of varying cities in the world will be filled with couples in love who will display love, desire and honey. However, this will not be the only present on Valentine's Day, chocolates and food will be the hosts of the celebration, which in addition to samples of affection promise to gain weight.

Who would not like to look spectacular on Valentine's Day and after him? Yes, beyond affection, couples express their love through actions that cause some damage to the physical image. Thus, GetQoralHealth offers you 10 tips that will help you not gain weight on that special and romantic day.

1. Avoid high-carbohydrate gifts. Apart from chocolates or cakes, giving a book or membership can be an excellent option to help take care of the weight.

2. Prepare. If you have a meal or dinner where you will probably eat hypercaloric foods; Try to make the other two meals lighter so that the total calorie count does not exceed the consumption recommended by the specialists.

3. Say no to excess. Always avoid excess, do not repeat any dish, however rich it may be. Eat only half the dessert or share it with your partner, it's more romantic.

4. Liquor If you drink, avoid liqueurs and sweet cocktails. Change conventional sodas for sugar-free soft drinks.

5. Do not reduce your physical activity. If possible, that day try to do twice as much exercise.

6. You have no obligation to eat. If you received chocolates, sweets, candies, chocolates and the like, thank you, but you do not have to eat them. You can share them with your family and friends; It is a good option to avoid gaining weight.

7. Opt for dark chocolate. If you are traditional and you love chocolate, a good choice is dark, since it is the one that has less cocoa and energy level.

8. Bicycle ride . In addition to romantic and economic, it can help you maintain your weight, in addition to doing a physical activity with the person you love.

9. Go out to dance. Not only does it allow you to burn between 200 to 400 calories, it helps you to strengthen the emotional bonds between you and your partner.

10. Sex It is an activity of great intimacy, but also controls the levels of anxiety and stress.

Celebrating does not have to be synonymous with gaining weight or depriving you of any pleasure. You just have to learn to find a balance.

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