10 tips to not gain weight because of your partner

According to a study by the nutrition department of the Northern California University at Chapel Hill , married people are more prone to obesity than those who remain single. So it is important to know some tips to avoid gaining weight.

In the study, the researchers reveal that the people who gained weight are the couples who live together, due to the environment of coexistence and the habits they develop together.

If you plan to marry or you already live as a couple, we give you the following tips to avoid gaining weight:

1.- Avoid imitation : It is normal for women to try to imitate their partner's way of eating, so try to moderate and maintain your eating habits.

2.- Moderate portions: When you go to eat, serve your plate first and then your partner's; This will help you moderate the amount of food you eat. Remember to eat slowly to speed up your metabolism.

3.- Exercise: Take advantage of the time you are together and do some physical activity together, to eliminate the calories of the day.

4.- Establish rules: Avoid sitting in front of the television for hours. Better go for a walk, take a bike ride or go on some activities to speed up your departure in the morning.

5.- Healthy pantry: Before going to buy products for your pantry, eat something to avoid cravings. Acquire natural products, low in fat and calories; decrease your carbohydrate intake.

6.- Plan the weekly menu: Think about the foods you would like to taste during the week and choose natural products to prepare them. You can also change some ingredients for more nutritious ones.

7.- Moderate the outings to eat: Food in restaurants encourages weight gain, so the ideal is that you prepare your food yourself. Pamper yourself in this way one day of the weekend.

8.- Secret drawers: If your partner is addicted to junk food and can not help it, choose a drawer to keep all your cravings. The important thing is that you avoid opening it and falling into temptation.

9.- Fruits and vegetables in sight: When they are at home, it is normal for them to crave something to eat, which is why they leave fruit or vegetables of their choice in sight. With this, they will nourish your body and prevent weight gain.

10.- Motivation in couple: The support of the couple is vital to continue with a healthy lifestyle. If he or she wants to exercise or some type of diet, support him and try to follow his example.

A study of American Association of Sociology reveals that the risk of gaining weight increases in the first two years of marriage, where women can raise their Body Mass Index from 33% to 48%, while men have a risk of 28%.

So that you are not a victim of these risks, follow a healthy lifestyle, where you create healthy habits next to your partner, which will help you enjoy a good mood, as well as physical and mental health. And you, do you know other tips to avoid gaining weight for your partner?

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