10 tips to intensify your sexual pleasure

Although you are probably very happy with your sex life, no one is hindered by the advice that helps you improve it. Magazine FHM for men He published expert advice on the subject that all (and all) we can take into account.

Here we leave you the 10 most important to improve your sex life. Try them!

1. The entrance of the vagina is the most sensitive. Ask your boy to focus on small, quick movements instead of going deep.

2. The psychologist Paula Hall It ensures that adrenaline improves sex, and the simplest way to get a discharge of this substance is watching a horror movie. Excellent foreplay!

3. When you ask what your partner wants in bed you can not get honest answers, but if you pay close attention you can find out which movements make him happiest. Paying attention is the key to improving sex.

4. Make up a sexy story to give a different twist to your sex life. The sexologist Tracey Cox says that the more you think about the story that you are going to play with your partner, the more satisfying the sex will be.

5. When you give or receive oral sex it helps a lot to imagine as if the penis or vagina were an ice cream cone. This movement of flattening the tongue can be very pleasant.

6. Women prefer it side by side when it comes to oral sex, or at least that's what sex educator Jamye Waxman thinks, the top-down feeling that most men do is too much for that sensitive place.

7. The sexologist Ian Kerner ensures that you have to give to receive. If you want your boy to pay special attention to you that night, you can start by giving him a good massage (or excellent oral sex).

8. The face says everything. It is more common for girls to pretend an orgasm, that's why porn actor Ron Jeremy recommends that boys observe his wife's face. If the pleasure face seems forced, it most likely is.

When we really enjoy sex Jeremy swears that we look like we've been hit in the kidneys. We would tell them to simply notice if their boy seems to be faking pleasure, and in that case change strategy.

9. Women sometimes enjoy a strong man in bed. The boys also occasionally want a woman to tie them to the headboard. But if you are going to pass this note to your boy to give him ideas, we can tell him that when they throw us to bed and they take us as if they could not wait another second, we love it.

10. The sex educator Tristan Taormino He swears that using a vibrator as a couple can rekindle sexual life. Not only do we agree, we also believe that it is more likely to get a vaginal orgasm if, on top of penetrating, it vibrates. Suggest it to your boy, it can be very pleasant for him to see you play.

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