10 tips to eat more vegetables

The vegetables they are a fundamental part of a healthy nutrition , for the variety of nutrients that contribute to our diet as vitamins, minerals and fiber in addition to providing few calories .

Its consumption reduces the risk of developing chronic degenerative diseases ; However, in Mexico, not all of us include in our diet enough quantity and variety of them, although they exist throughout the year.

To start incorporating them into our diet, we must identify the reason why we do not like them: because they forced or conditioned you to consume them, because they were part of an effort to lose weight (diet ), or because you do not like their preparation or appearance.

Here are some tips that will help you include more vegetables in your diet:

1. Add vegetables to the recipes that you usually consume and that you like. For example: add carrots to lasagna, sprinkle pasta with broccoli, add pumpkin and chopped carrots to the meatballs and add some vegetables you like such as carrots, asparagus, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, pumpkin flower, nopal to your quesadillas or omelet.

2. Add them to your favorite soups: peas, carrots, corn, squash, among others.

3. Include in your salad new options vegetables . When you go to the supermarket, look for a vegetable that you have not consumed and include it in the week's menu.

4. Choose to eat them raw. There are some vegetables that when they are cooked in excess they may not be palatable; even, there are people that what they do not like is their consistency, try to taste them raw with lemon or some vinaigrette.

5. They can be the main ingredient of your favorite pasta or pizza.

6. If you do not like your appearance, prepare a juice of vegetables . You can create all the varieties that you want or consume those that already sell in the supermarket. If you want a sweeter juice you can combine vegetables with fruits, for example a carrot juice with pineapple, orange.

7. Try them on the grill. When you cook meat, you can also roast vegetables, adding a little olive oil or the same sauce in which you marinated the meat.

8. When you eat at a restaurant, choose to include vegetables in your dishes. Ask for a soup vegetables , a salad , or even when you eat a hamburger, do not remove the lettuce or the tomato. Change your garnish of rice or mashed potatoes for a delicious multi-colored salad.

9. Do not reward your children or yourself for eating vegetables . When we do it, we put aside the importance of food for itself.

10. A tip that never fails is to add cheese, it will give them a special and different touch. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is the consumption of 400 g of fruits and vegetables (approximately 5 servings a day) daily.

Set yourself the goal of eating healthy every day and you will notice how your body transforms.

Video Medicine: Dr. Oz Shares Healthier Ways to Cook Vegetables (August 2022).