10 tips to avoid infidelity in pairs

Experts say there are so many reasons for the detonation of infidelity in pairs, as men and women are on the planet. This is true from the point of view of diversity, by the fears and the insecurities experienced by each human being facing the commitment to sustain "forever" an affective relationship.

The "eternal love", the couple for life or coexistence until death separates them, are often too much commitment for many people who seek excuses and ways to escape such pressures; However, experts say that it is possible to prevent infidelity with these 10 tips:

1.-Be open: Sincerity is the key to avoiding adventures. Share any temptation with your partner and agree to support each other.

2.-Stay together: Build and maintain emotional intimacy and sexual in your relationship. The closer they feel, the stronger their relationship will be. Make your life a bastion invulnerable to the influence of strangers. This does not mean becoming isolated from the world, but safe and strengthened in their decision to be together.

3.- Be smart: Do not fall into complacency or personal satisfaction. Everyone is vulnerable to temptation. Reflect together on the reasons why you were attracted to the beginning of the relationship and you will discover that these values ​​remain intact with the passage of time.

4.- Be alert: If you notice that you feel attracted to someone, take steps to avoid getting closer to that person and avoid infidelity in pairs.

5.- Know how to behave: If you describe yourself as a seductive person who likes the flirtation , remember: do not do what you would not like to be done.

6.- Try to keep physically attractive to yourself and your partner: A good appearance will help keep the passion alive.

7.- Offer your partner emotional containment and emotional security: Propose at least once a week to have a detail for him / her: a romantic dinner, a flower, a sweet, can work miracles in the arduous path of everyday life.

8.- Let your partner know that intimacy and sex are important: Be open to the experience of new sensations with your partner, constantly renewing the pleasure of sex shared. If you want to be an excellent lover, do not hesitate to seek professional help and dedicate time to know the interests and tastes of your partner learning together.

9.- Keep honesty and respect: There are certain borders that, once transposed, it is impossible to turn back. Be affectionate, courteous and respectful and you will get the same.

10.- Take time to listen to the couple: Communicate with sincerity and affection. Remember together the good times shared and the reason why they undertook the path of love together. Renew your vows of love and care.

The infidelity in couple can be avoided and be happy all the life, or all the time that they decide to be together, the important thing is that they never let the monotony come to your life, there are more than a thousand new things to do, the important thing is to act .

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