10 tips for perfect eyebrows

The sweetness and softness of the look depend, to a large extent, on some eyebrows perfect, because they are responsible for framing and give light to the look. Since ancient times, women try to keep them healthy and outlined.

According to the British zoologist-ethologist, Desmond Morris in his book "The naked woman", in the late eighteenth century it was said that the gently arched eyebrows harmonized with the modesty of a young virgin. So that you have perfect eyebrows and shine with your eyes, GetQoralHealth gives you the following tips:

1.- Take care of the design, since the shape and abundance of the eyebrows go hand in hand with the fashion trends. So investigate what is being used. The worst thing you can do is opt for a permanent hair removal.

2 .- Remember that the design of eyebrows has to be consistent with the shape of your face and eyes. You can go to a specialist in the beauty to guide you

3.- If you are going to pluck eyebrows for the first time, apply a little cream so that when you remove the hair from the eyebrow it does not hurt so much.

4.- It is important to use a magnifying mirror so that you can gradually remove each hair from your perfect eyebrows.

5.- To determine where to start the eyebrow, place vertically a pencil stuck to one of the fins of your nose, see where it joins it with your eyebrow; from there it must be delineated. Then, tilt the pencil from the nose flap to the outside of the eye and pass it just to the middle of the eye, this is where the arch of the eyebrow should be. Finally, place the pencil in the center of your lower lip and tilt it until it reaches the outer edge of the eye, that's where your eyebrow will end.

6.- An infallible trick for perfect eyebrows is to paint the line of these with a pale corrector and follow this line as a guide when shaving.

7.- Avoid extracting more hair from the bill when it comes to hair removal. Keep the skin well stretched and remove them one by one, trapping them as close as possible to the root and in the direction of growth and following the arch of the eyebrow.

8.- Try not to wax the upper part of your eyebrow alone. It is better that a specialist does it since, if you do it badly, you can totally transform the shape of your forehead and the expression of your look.

9.- Sometimes, to shape your eyebrows, just brush them. If they are very rebellious, spray some lacquer on the eyebrow brush and brush them up.

10.- If you define them with makeup or cover some hollow without hair, use a tone similar to your natural color. If you use powder makeup for eyebrows, start at the inner end of the eyebrow and work it out.

Remember that the indispensable tool to maintain perfect eyebrows are good tweezers. There are even, with light. So you know, you have no pretexts to wear a charming look.

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