10 things that honey does for your body

Natural sweetener, the benefits of honey go beyond controlling blood glucose levels.

According to Argentine Food Code, Honey can be defined as a product produced by bees from the nectar extracted to the flowers. Among its main components are minerals, folic acid, iodine and zinc.

However, what benefits can honey have on the body? GetQoralHealth, with information from Huffington Post, presents you 10 properties of honey on your health.

1. Hair. During the summer months, the scalp suffers severe damage due to prolonged exposure to agents such as UV rays, chlorine and salt water; But a honey-based mask can not only solve this problem, it also gives shine and hydration to the hair.

2. Skin. Is it rough to the touch? Before using any product that is abrasive to your skin, why not try this solution: use honey, brown sugar, olive oil and lemon juice and create a mask, this will allow you to remove dead cells from any area of ​​your body , mainly of the face.

3. Hair. Many brands of skin care are looking to return to antiquity; example honey. In the comfort of your home mix honey and wax and lemon juice, the results will be fantastic.

4. Scars. Waiting for a scar to disappear is very stressful. You can speed up the process by using virgin honey in the damaged areas before sleeping and cover them with a bandage. In the morning, remove and clean the skin.

5. Pimples and acne. Honey has anti-fungal and anti-bacteria properties which extracts impurities from the skin, therefore reducing redness and soothing inflammation, as well as the appearance of new outbreaks.

6. Out of dryness. As a natural moisturizer, honey is super moisturizing. Add a few spoonfuls in your cream and use it throughout your body.

7. Lips Whether in hot or cold weather, cracked lips is an aesthetic and painful problem that all people suffer at some point. One solution is to mix honey, sugar and olive oil, the mixture will allow them to obtain a smooth texture.

8. Prevents diseases. Stimulates the formation of antibodies due to ascorbic acid, magnesium, copper and zinc.

9. Bowel. It is a mild laxative since it regulates intestinal functioning.

10. Heart With the consumption of honey positive effects are obtained in the cardiac system since it favors the production of organic phosphates that regulate the cardiac rhythm and stimulate the coronary irrigation

The benefits of honey are diverse, in addition to that it is natural and economic. Do not miss the opportunity to use this food in favor of your health.

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