10 signs to know that he lies

Lying is very common, if we did not do it, we would not get along well in a Relationship , to cite an example, explains David Livingstone Smith, Professor of Philosophy at the University of New England, U.S. "The lie is something as automatic as sweating."

In fact, according to Ariana Guraieb, psychologist of the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association , there is Couple relationships that begin with lies: about the civil, economic, psychological, labor status.

"But there is also another format for Relationship in which they have never had a good communication, which hinders the possibility of opening up at a convenient time. Then, this relationship begins to sink into a slow, imperceptible, ..., harmful deterioration. And this will affect them negatively, "says the specialist.

In this regard, the specialist explains that the lie is also expressed through the body language, gestural, postural . The gestures They express emotions, feelings and attitudes, often unconscious, independent of our will and that are part of our communication system ".

That is why it is important to start a Relationship in the most honest way possible; however, if you have doubts about your partner, you know some signs that betray a liar:

1. He covers his mouth when talking
2. Breathe deeply and turn around
3. Many people look away, do not look in your eyes and if you look down is a sign that you are inventing
4. Blinking incessantly
5. They rub their hands or constantly change their position
6. Raise the tone of voice
7. Be nervous or act uncomfortably
8. It is incongruous in his narration. Tell you different stories on different days, have mistakes remembering details, or mix things up.
9. Answer a question with another question, to gain time to gather information to give you the answer you want to hear, or you are making time to create a convincing lie.
10. If you ask and strongly oppose responding, extreme defense could mean that you are trying to hide something.

Remember that each part of the body says something that together constitutes the body language . 55% of personal communications are made through this language; of this the tone of voice represents 38% and only 7% remaining constitute the words. Meet the language of the person who is next to you to take a relationship as sincerely as possible.

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