10 reasons to love your pet

The saying says that "the dog is the best friend of man". However, this well-known phrase can also be applied to the rest of the mascots . In their own way, cats, turtles, canaries or hamsters, know how to give back the love and care that is given to them. It is therefore important to know how to care for a dog or any type of pet , to offer them a better quality of life.

The mascots They are a great company and many know when to comfort and give happiness. One of the best experiences of life is to give yourself the opportunity to be loved by an animal. Remember that one pet is to love and protect, not to retaliate a bad day or a whim. It is a living being that requires respect and a home where it occupies a place within the family. Here are ten reasons to give them the heart

1. A pet He is able to give much more than he receives.

2. Nobody will follow you unconditionally wherever you go like a dog or a cat.

3. your pet He wants you the same if you are rich or poor, handsome or ugly.

4. He never holds a grudge against you, even if you reprimand him.

5. Domestic animals detect your moods: they know if you feel happy, sad, sick or angry and, despite this, they always wait for you when you get home.

6. A pet it always gives you company, even if it's a tarantula or a fish.

7. If you have children, they learn to love and respect animals. During childhood is the best stage to teach children how to care for a dog or any other pet.

8. A pet It makes you laugh no matter how strange it is.

9. They always conform to the food we give them, without protesting as we do.

10. Only with the look will you learn to understand him.

Taking care of living beings is taking care of our environment and our world. Consent to your pet , provide love and enjoy the emotional benefits of having an animal by your side.

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