10 pros of reductive massage

The reductive massage eliminates the accumulation of grease located and stylizes the outline of the figure , that is, creates a silhouette more aesthetic. This is done with a strong pressure and a faster speed than the traditional way.

It is very important to go with a person trained to perform this type of massages , because it can cause bruises . Another fact that you should know before submitting to this treatment is that the special creams that are used can cause allergies in some people.

Experts warn that if you Health is not in good condition and you decide to use this method, you must perform a diagnosis doctor, because this type of massage can aggravate a infection in the kidneys .

10 pros of reductive massage

To obtain optimal results and intensify their effects, it is essential that the treatment be accompanied by a diet balanced and exercise . Remember that reductive massage only decreases measurements , but it does not go down weight .


  1. It is ideal for removing and eliminating grease Unwanted
  2. Help dissolve the adipose tissue and the cellulitis , by the heat generated by special movements
  3. Intensifies the circulation and the processes ofmetabolism local, and helps to reabsorb fats and increases the consumption of calories due to the increase in motor activity.
  4. It can be done anywhere in the body: waist , hips , legs , abdomen and even below the chin
  5. It benefits the circulation blood and lymphatic
  6. You can reduce up to 10 centimeters in size in 5 sessions; Each massage lasts 40 to 45 minutes. It is convenient to carry out almost every day of the week to get results in less than a month.
  7. Reaffirm and tone the muscles , so they compensate for the lack of exercise
  8. Help the relaxation of people, especially if it is done in a pleasant environment, with adequate background music and aromatherapy . Relieves the stress .
  9. Revitalize and unblock the bioenergy of the participants. Releases tension and allows to overcome emotional problems
  10. It contributes to eliminate muscle tension

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