10 medical tests for men

The medical tests help early detection of diseases such as diabetes , different types of Cancer , problems cardiovascular and sexually transmitted infections , particularly in men.

Therefore, we present some of the most essential according to the National Institutes of Health (NHI) of the United States.

1. Pressure intake. The risk of suffering arterial hypertension It increases according to age, diet and lifestyle. This test helps detect it.

2. Cholesterol test and prevention of heart disease . A high concentration of LDL or bad cholesterol increases the risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases . In some cases it is necessary to apply a stress test and electrocardiogram.

3. STD detection and ELISA test : Depending on lifestyle and medical history, these tests look for infections like syphilis, chlamydia and HIV , like other sexually transmitted infections .

4. Measurement and plasma glucose test . If it is diagnosed in time, the diabetes it can be controlled and numerous associated conditions can be avoided.

5. Digital rectal examination and prostate specific antigen in blood . They serve to detect prostate cancer , which is the kind of Cancer more common among men and whose development is slow. Therefore, early detection is important.

6. Stool test, colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy . They help detecting Colorectal cancer , which is the second most frequent and the probability of suffering increases after 50 years.

7. Ophthalmological exams . They should be practiced at least every two years or when visual disturbances occur. They can help prevent conditions such as glaucoma, myopia or blindness .

8. Skin cancer . In its most dangerous category, called melanoma, attacks men twice more than women. Tests to prevent it include careful observation of shade changes and possible burns of the skin .

9. Testicular cancer . There are several tests that allow confirming some testicular alteration, from a blood test and ultrasound , until the biopsy. The best way to prevent it is the frequent palpitation of these organs to detect abnormalities.

10. Bone densitometry . This test allows to evaluate the bone composition, which can be affected by the osteoporosis according to advanced ages.

It is also recommended to apply periodically the vaccinations and required reinforcements, and go to the dentist at least twice a year for a oral hygiene adequate It is necessary to perform regular check-ups and medical tests to prevent future diseases or their timely detection.

Video Medicine: Medical Tests that Men Can't Afford to Skip - Scott Wilson, MD - CHI Health (September 2020).