10 habits that cause you wrinkles

Delaying the passage of time is a common desire of men and women. So if you want to look young for longer, then discover the following tips that experts give for you to leave the bad 10 habits that cause wrinkles .

1. Alcohol . A study of the magazine Neurology notes that people who drink a lot of this product have an added deterioration of 2 years in mental abilities and 6 years for memory.

2. Sedentary . An investigation published in Archives of Internal Medicine , reveals that when you practice less than 200 minutes a week of physical activity it causes an acceleration of the corporal deterioration and theskin . Get active!

3. Insomnia . Not sleeping is linked to premature aging of the skin and it becomes another of the habits that cause wrinkles , because while sleeping a hormone is released that stimulates the production and renewal of collagen , especially in the skin of the face.

4.  Excess of sun . If you expose yourself very constantly to the rays of the sun, expression lines will be accentuated, in addition to the thickening of the dermis, wrinkles and skin cancer are some of the negative consequences.

5. Smoke. This habit ages the skin and makes it more brittle, rough and inflexible. A study published in the magazine Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery notes that smoking is associated with looking 5 years older.

6. Stress. You better calm down because stress is related to the appearance of wrinkles, marks, lines of expression, gray hair and falling hair, , this is revealed by an investigation of theUniversity of California .

7. Do not eat breakfast This is a serious mistake that many people make. It is well known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is true.

8. Rencores . According toJournal of Behavioral Medicine , the spiteful people present an increase in the activity of the nervous systems, which results in the quality of the dream and therefore in how you look physically.

9. Many candies . A diet in which there is excessive consumption of sweets is not only linked to theoverweight , but also with a higher risk of diabetes and skin problems such as wrinkles and acne .

10. Listen to music very loudly. The last of the habits that cause wrinkles even if you do not believe it is to listen to music at too loud a volume and especially with hearing aids can decrease hearing and its consequences on the skin.

Remember that these habits affect not only how you look, but also your internal organs. If you start to modify them, you gain health and you look better. Take control of your life!

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