10 fitness trends for 2012

Lose weight without a doubt it is one of your purposes for this year, especially if during the holidays you forgot the diet and you ate more. If the option to join the gym seems boring, do not worry! GetQoralHealth presents you 10 fitness trends to exercise in a fun way:

1. Military training is gaining strength in the world of fitness; It is proven that it helps eliminate weight quickly thanks to the high intensity of the workouts; It also stimulates your strategic ability, this way you exercise body and mind.

2. Forget the traditional abdominals; Stability balls are ideal for working the middle part of the body. Your abdomen, chest and back will look amazing with less effort and better results.

3. Functional fitness is a trend that uses basic movements such as pushing, lifting and bending to improve balance, coordination and strength. It is also a good option to meditate and clear the mind. If the exercises Low impact are your thing, this is ideal for you.

4. The "Hula Hula"It's one of the funniest activities to exercise; strengthens arms, legs and abdomen; In addition, with the movement of hip marks the waist.

Here we present the following video where we explain how to achieve a healthy and slender body:

5. The classes of Zumba they came to stay; the routines of dance They are excellent for strengthening the Cardiovascular system You also strengthen your arms and legs. Dancing is very fun and it is not necessary to join a gym; Choose your favorite songs and dance without stopping in the place you want.

6. The sophisticated consoles of video games are no longer exclusive to children and men. Currently there is a wide variety of games that allow you to exercise in a fun way; the new consoles include sensors that indicate what to do, how many calories you're losing, etc. Do not think about it !, and invite your boyfriend to play.

7. The yoga It is a traditional practice that will never go out of style, and this is due to the great benefits it produces in body and mind. Is the exercise par excellence if you want to acquire flexibility . Their positions require concentration helps you to decrease the levels of stress .

8. Companies are increasingly concerned about the Health of its employees, therefore, fitness programs are being implemented inside the offices, using resources such as the boardroom and real estate to exercise. The work will no longer be a pretext for not being fit.

9. The training with dumbbells It is the most effective for toning muscles great as arms and legs. Working in circuits is ideal. Apply force helps accelerate the metabolism , improves posture and strengthens the heart.

10. The nutritional part is very important for lose weight ; Having a balanced diet is not a tendency but a habit that benefits your health. Complement the physical activity with a diet healthy and you will notice the results quickly.

With these 10 trends eliminate the weight you want; Choose the one that best suits your needs. Remember that the goal is to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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