10 curiosities about the testicles

One of the most sensitive and important parts of the male anatomy are the testicles; however, there are many curiosities about the testicles that are vital for male development.

According to specialists from Mapfre.com , the testicles are located below the penis, inside a bag called scrotum and measure approximately 4X3X2 centimeters. Learn more about the testicles!

1.- Pituitary gland: The function of the testes is regulated by hormones that occur in the pituitary gland of the brain.

2.- Epididymis: Behind each of the testicles is the epididymis that is responsible for collecting the sperm.

3.- Temperature: A study published in the Oxford Journals reveals that the lack of symmetry between each one is due to a thermal difference between the left and right scrotum. In addition, the ideal temperature of these for the production of sperm is two degrees Celsius less than the rest of the body.

4.- Sensibility: The testicles have more pain receptors. Never squeeze or caress them with the same force as you do with the penis.

5.- Sperm: The testicles produce 100 million sperm in each ejaculate, and they are the testosterone generators. Depending on the level of this we can explain the characteristics of the male: facial hair, tone of voice, sharp features.

6.- Ejaculation: Another curiosity about the testicles is that this part of the reproductive system rises before ejaculation so it makes direct contact with the body at the moment the semen comes out.

7.- Fragility: The testicles are not protected by muscles or bones, are exposed and are very vulnerable. If you squeeze them too hard, the man can faint or if he receives a blow he can be knocked out for minutes.

8.- Contraction: The testicles contract when they feel a threat, and return to their original position when they feel safe. Do the test! Put a cold hand on your thigh when you go out to bathe and watch the reaction.

9.- Pain: If your partner tells you that your testicles hurt when you can not ejaculate, it is because the fluid that is ready to leave can cause you intense pain if you can not find an outlet, but it can also be relieved by a cold shower.

10.- Pregnancy: The production of sperm from a single testicle can make you pregnant.

With these data you can improve your intimate life, so do not forget to use protection during intimate relationships with your partner. And you, do you know other curiosities about the penis?

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