1. Your spine weakens

To be sitting for more than six hours a day, it increases your probability of die in the next 15 years, compared to those who do an average of three, no matter how much exercise you do. But what are the damages it causes to your body?


The body begins to break down as soon as it settles in the chair: the electrical activity in the legs stops, the energy consumption drops to one calorie per minute and the enzymes that help break down the fat molecules decrease by 90% ", it states Télam Néstor Lentini , specialist in sports medicine Austral University Hospital .

The bad news is that the damage does not end there, then we present some of the most relevant according to James A. Lavine , director of Obesity Solutions de Mayo Clinic ; Charles E. Matthews , researcher of National Cancer Institute , and other experts.


1. Your spine weakens

By not moving your back for a long time you column lose flexibility, so you are more likely to hurt yourself when doing other activities. Also when you stretch your neck to the keyboard you can twist more your cervical vertebrae and cause you an imbalance.

Video Medicine: Osteoporosis Exercises for Spine Strength and Posture (September 2021).