1. You are irritable

If everything bothers you, you have little desire or fatigue, you may be within 75% of Mexicans who suffer work stress , data that reveals the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) . If you have doubts, there are some signs that indicate you need an urgent respite.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) , a job produces stress when there are demands and pressures that exceed capacity to control them, unsatisfactory working conditions or affects the development of other areas of life.

If to this you add the pressures in the house, the friends, take care of your Health and many other things, it's easy to get caught up in the complicated situation of modern life. Therefore, we present you the signals of alert that will tell you if you need to take a respite .


1. You are irritable

To the degree that absolutely everything is wrong: very cold, too hot, they talk to you under the roof or they shout, they smile a lot, very little. The irritability it's not a habitual behavior, maybe what you need is to take your day and spend some time alone, says the coach Kara Stevens .  


2. You have not been spontaneous

How long have you not done something you love because of the fear of getting out of control of your schedules or simply because lack of time . Take a breath "programmed", if it is so difficult to break customs , point in your agenda moments that are for you, your family and friends.


3. You feed yourself on the way

If you eat most of your foods in the car, in front of the computer or when you're on the phone, it's definitely a sign that you're too busy. This situation is not healthy , that is why you should take even a few minutes to feed calmly.


4. You fear the alarm

Regardless of the time or day, almost to the degree of detest the sound that it generates because you want to be stuck all day in bed, indicates Lauren Imparato , yoga instructor and founder of I.AM.YOU.


5. You're away from people

A good sign that you need a break is that you are so occupied that you have not been able to talk recently with your best friend or a close relative. Paradoxically, the first relations that are lost are those that you take for granted, and that are the ones that interest you the most.

The stress in normal levels it can help you to be alert, however in excess it increases the level of hormones in the blood and accelerates blood pressure, which can lead you to suffer heart diseases , indicates the Medical Center of Columbia University .

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