1. Volvo XC90

When choosing a new vehicle, options such as design or fuel savings are not enough to make a decision, a fundamental aspect must be the safety it offers, since it will be a fundamental characteristic to save lives in the event of an accident. That is why we share a list of safe cars for women that provide a better driving experience.

According to figures from the Pan American Health Organization , Mexico ranks seventh worldwide in car accident fatalities.


It is estimated that 55 people die in Mexico each day due to traffic accidents.

Currently there are cars that in addition to their manufacturing material, provide safety systems that benefit driving and whose goal is to save lives in the event of accidents.

The following list of safe cars for women , is characterized by including driving assistants and safety systems that prevent fatal accidents.


1. Volvo XC90

The aim of the Swedish brand Volvo, is that by 2020, no person dies in accidents involving their vehicles, XC90 is characterized by having safety systems such as automatic braking, pedestrian detection and top-down vision through eight cameras.

Video Medicine: Volvo XC90, D5 163 KM, 2004 - TEST używane - Zachar OFF (September 2022).