1. There is a

That in the world 1% of men and 15% of women are unable to enjoy the climax in the heterosexual relationships , it's just one of the "weird" things about orgasm .

In this sense, research shows that for a woman it is more complicated to obtain a orgasm Because reasons psychological , as emotional problems, that physical , indicates an analysis of University of Granada .

Know some "weird" things about the orgasm what Mary Roach , scientific journalist author of the book "Between legs: the extraordinary intercourse between science and sex" , reveals based on your research.


1. There is a "dental" orgasm

There is a report in which a woman claims to have a orgasm every time you brush the teeth . This happens because he developed an action motor senso in this area that activates them.


2. They can be "provoked" in a dead person

The headquarters of the orgasm is along the spinal cord , when stimulated with a electrode At the indicated point, a dead person can be climaxed.


3. Maybe it's a cure for hiccups

A man with a hiccup attack found in the orgasm the only solution to this problem after having tried everything.


4. It could cause bad breath

A light smell of semen can be detected in a woman's breath after having sexual intercourse , in accordance with Theodoor Van de Velde , says the expert.


5. Genitals are not needed

People with damages in certain parts of their organism , that do not allow them to have an adequate functioning of their genitals , have reached orgasm if they are caressed areas like eyebrows .


6. Can be achieved with good imagination

The specialist recounts a certain interview in which a woman reached the orgasm just imagine it, and it took a minute.

Have a orgasm it does not depend on man, but on physiology and even on practice; this can also be obtained with the masturbation , says the sexologist Tibizay Olivero .

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