1. '' The Nutty Professor ''

We all know what it takes to drink excessively and the possible changes in behavior when we pass our hands. But a group of researchers from the University of Missouri, classified 4 curious ways, the transformation we can suffer when drinking.

We all assimilate alcohol intake differently, with greater or lesser impact, which influences our behavior, which may be one of these ...


1. '' The Nutty Professor ''


Better known as the character played by Eddie Murphy, Professor Chiflado, is the double personality that those who are commonly introverted drink, but manage to disinhibit with a couple of drinks.


2. Ernest Hemingway

In reference to the famous writer, are those people who drink and drink without getting drunk, or at least do not show it. The study refers that it is the most frequent group, socially speaking.


3. Mary Poppins


almost perfect in every way. Extroverted people who become even more sweet and sociable when they drink. They are happier and are the least frequent group.


4. Mr Hyde

When they drink too much they can take out their B side and darker, like the character in the movie, they can become hostile and less responsible.

What group are you in?

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