1. Talk too much

If you're about to go out with the man of your dreams, there are mistakes you should not make on a date , since it could be the only time you see it and never repeat it again.

A study conducted by the psychologist Frank Bernieri , of the Oregon State University , indicates that first impressions are the fundamental drivers of our relationships and that the initial conditions can have a profound impact on the final result.

For this reason we share 7 mistakes that you should avoid if you go out with the man of your dreams:


1. Talk too much

Do not make your appointment a monologue, allow the boy of your dreams to interact in the conversation, otherwise you will think that only what you say matters and you will not want to talk with you.


2. Irritating laugh

Try to control your laughter on the table, do not be the center of attention for a laugh that can bother all those around you.

Video Medicine: Francis Chan: You Talk Too Much (Part 1) (September 2022).