1. Sleep well

Having heart problems, leads us to have a healthy lifestyle that requires an adequate nutritional plan and specific medications, but there are also tips to lower blood pressure that will help you have a healthier day to day.

Specialists of the Harvard University School of Medicine , they discovered that if you control the stress of the day to day, it will be possible to reduce the blood pressure of the people considerably.

That is why they created a list of seven recommendations that will help you lower blood pressure levels:


1. Sleep well

Not having a deep sleep and an average of 6 to 8 hours, negatively affects mood, energy levels and metal health.


2. Practice relaxation techniques

Meditation, yoga and breathing exercises allow to control anxiety and satisfactorily decrease blood pressure and heart rate.


3. Create social links

Living with more people in classes, organizations or support groups frees up tension and generates a state of fulfillment.


4. Organize your time

Keep a controlled schedule of your day, allows you to perform various tasks without being pressured. In this way, managing your work and family activities will be easier.


5. Solve your problems

The recommendation is not to allow problems to increase your pressure, you have to give them a solution in a rational way to avoid anger and fights.


6. Pamper yourself

Travel, listen to music, enjoy a massage, eat slowly; they are personal activities that favor your tranquility and make you feel more relaxed and stable.


7. Lean on others

Do not hesitate to ask for help from your family, friends and acquaintances, good communication will increase your levels of affection and at the same time lower blood pressure levels.

In addition to these tips to lower blood pressure , Harvard specialists add that healthy habits should be created such as maintaining an adequate weight, not smoking and include fruits, vegetables and grains in your diet.

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