1. Sit down

According to specialist of Mayo Clinic , counting your daily calories can help you to have a healthy weight and forget about the fat accumulated in the abdomen; however, it is not always easy to achieve it.

Therefore, we present five tips to reduce 500 calories in a day, without having to do hours of exercise or a very strict diet. Know them!


1. Sit down

Most people often place food dishes in the center of the table and invite people to serve a second round. The best you can do is serve a single dish and sit down to eat without the temptation to repeat.


2. Limit your number of guests

When you live with more than seven people at the table, you can increase your food intake by up to 96%.


3. Do not finish everything

Leave approximately 25% of your food on the plate and save it for a lunch the next day. For example, if you eat two thousand calories or more, with this action you will reduce 500 calories.


4. Beware of healthy menus

  Some of these do not offer real calories, so their values ​​may be underestimated by up to 35%, depending on the Cornell University and Food Brand .


5. Be the best hostess

Take your time to go shopping for the products you need for dishes and cooking. If you perform these actions in three hours, then you will have burned approximately 640 calories in one day.

Do not forget that changes in your eating habits, as well as the practice of some physical activity, will help you maintain a slim body, free of body fat and toned. And you, how many calories do you burn in a day?

Video Medicine: Kevin Gates - Sit Down (Official Audio) (August 2020).