1. React aggressively

If you are one of the people who turn to online forums or social networks to vent your go to , surely you have already realized that the feeling of "relief" lasts only for a moment. And it is that doing this is a mistake if what you really want is drive this feeling.

In fact, people who are inclined to vent Their anger on the internet tend to make them feel more angry, and not less, after doing so, according to a study by the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay .

The go to It is a totally normal human emotion, but making certain mistakes when handling it can bring you serious consequences with your friends, family, boss and yourself. Know some based on information from the American Psychological Association , and avoid them.


1. React aggressively

This is the natural and instinctive way to express anger, but you can not attack physically or verbally to each person or object that bothers you. Express your anger firmly but without aggressiveness It is the healthiest way to do it.


2. Suppress your anger

You can think it's good that you contain the go to , stop thinking about that and instead focus on something positive. The error is that you do not allow yourself to externalize your anger, staying in an internal forum and this can cause diseases such as hypertension and even depression.


3. Get even

Likewise, non-externalized anger can lead to expressions of pathological anger , such as passive aggressive behavior. So the most likely thing is that you become someone who takes revenge on people indirectly and has a hostile attitude permanent.


Is it good to unleash anger?

Although several experts have come to recommend it as an outlet to calm the feeling, here it would apply venting in social networks, research has shown that give free rein to the go to effectively increases anger and aggression , and it does not help you at all.

The best thing is always to discover what triggers your go to and then develop strategies to avoid those triggers that make you lose your control , indicate the experts of the American Psychological Association.

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