1. Previenes enfemerdades

We know the thousands of benefits that having sex brings to your life, lowers your stress levels, gives you happiness and even helps you lose weight; but, did you know that it also helps you to prevent cancer?

Here we give you 5 reasons why sex can help you prevent it:


1. Previenes enfemerdades

Having sex with a frequency of 2 to 3 times per week has a direct impact on your stress levels. Cooperating before you sleep makes you release a good part of the pressures you were exposed to during the day; so your dream will be much more profound and restful.

The release of stress in conjunction with adequate sleep make the next day with a much more relaxed physical, mental and emotional perspective, decreasing, even a little, your likelihood of being diagnosed with cancer or other diseases associated with stress.


2. The seminal fluid protects you from cancer

The seminal vesicles in man, responsible for storing the seminal fluid, are very close to the prostate. It has been shown that the frequent emptying of these vesicles, by means of ejaculation, is a protective factor against prostate cancer.

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