1 out of 3 recipes are modified

"In Mexico, 40% of the recipes that patients receive are changed, which generates various damages and risks to health," he said. Francisco Ibarra Enríquez , pediatrician and allergist.

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , Ibarra, who belongs to the Mexican Academy of First Contact Medicine , said that this situation is due to the fact that in most cases the patient prefers to follow the "suggestion of a family member or friend", to acquire another drug, with which "it promises faster relief and at a lower price".

For this reason a program is carried out at a national level, called: Nobody change your recipe, whose objective is to avoid health risks due to the administration of a medication that is not prescribed by a doctor, who is the certified authority, who in addition to knowing perfectly the clinical history of each individual is the only one who can offer a diagnosis precise to treat some ailment.

"Only a health professional has the power to issue a prescription that includes the medications and the appropriate doses for each patient, we consider not only the disease to treat, weight or height, but antecedents such as pregnancy, heart problems, liver problems, kidney, diabetes, allergies, to mention just a few, nobody knows how the doctor knows about the reactions that some medications could have on their patients. "

Nobody change your recipe, is a campaign that is driven by the Mexican Academy of First Contact Medicine and the Internal Medicine College of Mexico , with the support of the Pharmaceutical Industry and that aims to benefit any area of ​​the health sector.

In order that people and authorities become aware of the importance of not "self-medicate" or replace some drugs by others, various events are carried out, such as the first Athletic race Nobody change your recipe, which will be held on October 23 and which is open to doctors, patients, industry and the general public.

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