1. Nature

The human being has evolved over time, as well as their fixations. Today, large breasts are the focus of attention, especially that of men.

Why do men like big breasts?

However, specialists say that we are also attracted to women, and the explanation goes much further than that they are attractive .

Here we explain it to you:


1. Nature

Mothers breastfeed most babies, which creates a bond of love between them thanks to oxytocin. This relaxes the participants and provides them with an incomparable rest.

The same happens when a man plays with your "girls". By releasing this hormone, a much more special connection is created.


2. Represent fertility

If you ask yourselfwhy men like big breasts ? this has been from the past. The hips, the back and the thighs represented fertility. The buttocks, for example, were a fundamental piece to conquer the alpha male, says the Quora site.

According to specialists in evolution, such as the sexologist Alfred Kind, breasts They have evolved in the same way.


3. They are part of you

Did you know that humans are the only species of mammals that humans breasts Do they grow during puberty and stay that way? Therefore, we will always have them.

In conclusion, these are the 3 reasons why men and women are attracted to breasts big. To show off cleavage, well!


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