1. Make a positive balance

Christmas, New Year's Eve, meetings and inns, if you are one of the people who detest these Celebrations and they tell you that you are a 'Grinch !; we will remind you that it is not all about Christmas songs, gifts, parties and decorated tree.

Beyond focusing on the superficial, here are some tips to improve your mood and find the positive side of these dates:


1. Make a positive balance

This season is conducive to emotional ups and downs, but the point is not idealize dates as something magical or super special. Leave the bad thoughts aside.

Do not make such big expectations in your mind and try to make a balance of all the good things you have, family, friends, etc. Think about the good things you accomplished and for all you can thank.


2. Do not let a problem ruin your date

According to several studies, this time of year causes emotional crises or depression, if you are away from home, family or friends. If you had problems during the year at work or the couple, you probably reproach certain things.

But it's important to know that nobody has a perfect life and that you have to know you appreciate the good things and achievements that we have. If the absence of someone makes you feel sad, thanks for all the good you have and the people around you.


3. Enjoy your way

Christmas is also time to share, you can help to people with fewer resources, some association or simply sharing how little or much you have with people close to you; that will really make you feel much better than just receive gifts.

The Christmas It should not be always familiar, if you are far away you can share with friends or the family of one of them, you will see that the important thing is to live together and take the best of what you have to live.

Do not forget that decorating or listening to Christmas music is not the important thing, share your time with some good talk, with those people who are away the longest time of the year; In addition, scientists from Duke University, in the United States, assure that a person needs receive hugs , because they increase oxytocin levels in the blood, which will make you feel much better.


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