1. Low fat milk

As mom you hope to be for your children for a long time, live to see them grow and celebrate their achievements. For this you must maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and the intake of foods that give you energy and take care of your health.

Carry one diet Healthy is the best way in which you can avoid excess weight that shortens your life expectancy. According to National Cancer Institute , the overweight in middle age increases the risk of death between 20 and 40% and the obesity he duplicates it.

Likewise, make intelligent decisions regarding the foods what you consume will also help you have enough Energy to carry out your activities, take care of your little ones and even look beautiful for many years. These are some that you should definitely consume.


1. Low fat milk

It contains large amounts of calcium , which keeps your bones strong and prevents osteoporosis . It also has potassium and phosphorus that help the movement of your muscles so you can play with your children, says the Food and Nutrition Service USDA . You can have two glasses of milk a day.


2. Whole grains

Eating a plate of oatmeal, for example, gives you lasting energy. All the compound carbohydrates They help you to stay satisfied for longer and provide your body with nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals, explains James Sears , pediatrician author "The Baby Book" .


3. Lean meat

If you are still in a period of lactation you must choose high foods in proteins , such as lean meat, beans or lentils, and low-mercury seafood, which will help you produce healthy milk for your baby, experts say. Mayo Clinic . Eat two servings, three times a week.


4. Eggs

They contain only 78 calories, they are high in protein and will give you a lot of energy. Your yolk brings you hill , essential to keep you healthy memory in the long term, indicates Jonny Bowden , author of "The 150 Most Effective Ways to Boost Your Energy" . Two eggs a day will not increase your cholesterol .


5. Almonds

You must include a handful daily in your diet if you want to always look like a young mom. The nuts they are a high source in proteins , antioxidants and alpha-linolenic acid that protect and revitalize your skin , indicates Joe Vinson , professor of University of Scranton .

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