1. Look at the needle

The simple act of cross your finger It is a "strange" but effective way to calm the pain , because the way in which the brain processes the sensations of heat, cold and suffering is confused.

The researchers of University College of London (UCL) explain this with the phenomenon known as "illusion of thermal grill", which consists of heating the index and annular fingers until the sensation of pain , and then apply cold to the middle end.


Doing so produces a paradoxical feeling of pain that enters through the middle finger, but when crossed over the index that illusion of discomfort disappears "

There are other things that although they may seem strange, are effective to calm the pain . Know them and if you need them, use them!


1. Look at the needle

The nerves and pain of a injection they can be uncontrollable; however, this can be reduced if you look at how the needle penetrates your skin. Patrick Haggard, neurologist of the University College London , explains that this is because the action of seeing the body is analgesic .

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