1. Lemon juice + coconut oil

It is very common, although you do not believe it, to stop using some type of garments for fear that they reveal one or another defect of our body; example, the part of the thighs and crotch that has darkened (percured).

And it is a frequent problem, because this area as well as others (armpits, neck and knees) are susceptible to hormonal changes, lack of vitamin C or B and zinc, which according to the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine they are the cause of this pigmentation change.

To clarify your crotch, do the following:


1. Lemon juice + coconut oil

In addition to containing vitamin C, an essential nutrient for the skin, lemon stimulates and improves blood flow in the epidermis.

Video Medicine: Coconut Oil And Lemon Juice Mixture For Gray Hair Back To Its Natural Color (June 2022).