1. Learn to relax

If nerves betray you in certain situations and you feel that grief and insecurity dominate you, you should know that it is possible to control this state of anxiety by applying differenttips to control nerves .

The first thing you should do is find out what situations cause them to be able to attack them in the best way and without this being a problem for you.

The followingtips to control nerves   they can help you get out of any predicament or situation that distresses you.


1. Learn to relax

Try to breathe deeply: take air for a few seconds slowly and expúlsalo without haste so that your body relaxes slowly while you expel it.


2. Rehearse in front of the mirror

If you are faced with a situation in which you must speak in public, such as an exhibition or an oral exam, and you do not feel confident about yourself, you can practice before the mirror in advance. Think that in this way you will be able to observe what others are going to see. Speak up, listen to your own voice, examine your gestures, your smile.

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